Founded in 1999, our company HUAFENG, taking advantage of its independent research and development, has grown into a high-tech textile enterprise which is devoted to providing textile technology solutions. We are located in the beautiful south-west coast of China on the strait of Taiwan, home of the famous goddess Mazu from Meizhou Island.Diversified portfolios of brand products have been used in a myriad of industries such as footwear & apparel, home textiles, electronics, household items and automobiles, etc. Advanced technological innovation makes HUAFENG the strategic partner of multiple international brands.


To meet the market demand, HUAFENG has put a huge investment in a modern R&D center as well as five industrial parks, namely, Huafeng 

Textile Industrial Park, Huajin Industrial Park, Huafeng Sporting goods Industrial Park, Green Fiber Industrial Park, and Litchi Industrial Park. 

Huafeng R&D center is fully engaged in advanced textile technologies and applications, while Huafeng Textile Industrial Park is specialized in 

manufacturing footwear and apparel fabrics. Huajin Industrial Park is devoted to application of dyeing and finishing technology. HAPTIC 3D 

additive printing footwear uppers and finished shoes & apparels are processed in Huafeng Sporting Goods Industrial Park. Green Fiber Industrial 

Park is dedicated to producing green environmental friendly fiber.And Litchi Industrial Park specializes in the production of high-end fabrics.


Insisting on innovationdriven strategy, our company has set up product design centers in America and Germany; meanwhile and R&D centers have been 

founded in Vietnam, Shanghai, Guangdong and Fujian. Employment of academician of Chinese Academy Engineering, and doctors from America, Germany,

 Hongkong and Taiwan result in leading innovative products, reaching the market quickly. Our R&D philosophy and production systems follow ideas of 

industry 4.0. HUAFENG also drives modern marketing strategy with creating B2B brands such as HUAFENG and HAPTIC.


Never forget why we started when forge ahead. Members of HUAFENG constantly promote the corporate culture of “professionalism responsibility service innovation”. Upholding our strategy of providing textile technology solutions, HUAFENG strives to build a fully vertically integrated industrial chain, starting from yarn and fibers to weaving, post treatment, additive printing and sporting goods manufacturing. While making efforts to grow bigger and stronger, development vision of HUAFENG, from the outset, was“serving the global with sustainable,innovative,top quality textile solutions ”. We take our social responsibilities seriously and actively contribute with full heart to social development. We are future-minded, give importance to innovation and proudly deliver quality green products and services.

The situation is good just as tides across the banks and sails over the sea. HUAFENG will stride confidently forward to our dream as always.